a bit about me:

"Writer is someone who seed good thoughts, colorful dreams or ever lasting memories; sometimes all together". Yes! Very well! I am a writer. I live in Chennai, basically a software developer who spends time writing satiric short stories, complex computer programs and tech blogs. Human mind and technology are like ocean, the more you explore, the more they expand! I am exploring, I am writing and I am sharing.

My Books

Pink Purple Amazon Kindle eBook

Being cheated by his girlfriend Maria and there after trapped by another awful lady Kavitha, the fresh graduate Raj was expelled out of his family. With the help of swamiji and his friend Erica, Raj re-discovers himself for no use. The book pictures the adverse circumstances encountered by Raj which eventually embarked the end of his life.


Available on Amazon Kindle and listed in Kindle Unlimited.


The best way to keep yourself charming is not Love what you Do, but Do what You Love!!​

- pink purple

'Anger' incurs nothing but loss. But, rarely it can be a shield to protect yourself from wicked people

- pink purple